Inspiring a shift to gender-balanced leadership across all levels of political, economic, and public life.

Since 2018

Our vision

To inspire a shift to gender-balanced leadership across all levels of political, economic, and public life

Our Mission

We have a mission to ease access to the community, knowledge, resources, opportunities, and support that women need on their journey to become effective and thriving leaders.

‘’Women’s leadership can change everything, everywhere. It will lead to more sustainable families, communities, businesses, organizations, and Nations’’

Abosede George-Ogan

The Leading Woman Show

What makes us different

Our Core Values


We are non-conformists and seek to change the status quo


We leverage technology and new media to achieve our goals.


We partner vertically and horizontally to inspire and scale impact


We are structured and efficient professionals.


We stand for Women and commit to prioritizing them in every way.


We deliver a new, authentic, and original approach to women’s leadership


We display knowledge, understanding and good judgment on the subject of women’s leadership.

Our programs

Shaping Perception

WILAN will initiate, produce, publicize, and promote original and existing content aimed at changing perception on the misrepresentation of women as leaders across all levels in Nigeria via print, electronic and/or online media campaigns.

Community Building and Mobilization

WILAN will mobilize and build a network that connects Nigerian women leaders across all levels of political, economic, and public life regardless of their sector, generation, or geography.

Opportunity creation

WILAN will create and facilitate opportunities for Nigerian Women to grow into thriving, and effective leaders.

Reduce difference

WILAN will serve as a catalyst to ensure gender mainstreaming as a means to advance women leadership in Nigeria.

Equipping young women

WILAN will establish programs to train young women between the ages 14-24 years and raise a new generation of women that excel as leaders across all levels in Nigeria.

Contribute to advancing women leadership across Africa

Amazing Experience

…Through their program, I was able to gain valuable insights into women’s leadership and was provided with the necessary training to become a successful leader….

Amazing Experience

…the organization provides actionable advice to women in leadership roles, which has been invaluable in helping me grow as a leader. The resources and support they provide have been instrumental in helping me reach my goals…


Volunteer to advance the cause of women leadership in Africa

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